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What is the reason for the following error?

asked 2022-09-28 10:07:42 -0600

Naxish87 gravatar image

I can't finish up my experiments as this error keeps popping up and halting Gazebo. I have Gazebo version 9.19.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 and working with ROS melodic.

gzserver: /build/ogre-1.9-B6QkmW/ogre-1.9-1.9.0+dfsg1/OgreMain/include/OgreAxisAlignedBox.h:252: void Ogre::AxisAlignedBox::setExtents(const Ogre::Vector3&, const Ogre::Vector3&): Assertion `(min.x <= max.x && min.y <= max.y && min.z <= max.z) && "The minimum corner of the box must be less than or equal to maximum corner"' failed. Abort (core dumped)

I've tried to clean up the caches and keep sufficient free RAM but it's not the solution it seems. Please help. I need to collect my data from the experiments ASAP.

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1 Answer

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answered 2022-09-28 23:25:29 -0600

scpeters gravatar image

This error typically happens when an object flies far away from the origin and exceeds the maximum size of the Ogre bounding box. If you start the simulation paused and run in slow motion, you might see what is flying away.

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