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there seems to be a problem with accessing api.ignition.org

That's a known issue, the Ignition Fuel server is having SSL certificate problems, so requests to https://api.ignitionfuel.org/1.0/models are not going through unless you allow a security exception.

A couple of ways to get rid of the error:

  • Upgrade to Gazebo >= 9.1.0, which has Fuel disabled by default.
  • Update the server in ~/.ignition/fuel/config.yaml from https://api.ignitionfuel.org to https://api.ignitionrobotics.org

which got me to the conclusion that this error was responsible for an empty environment opening in Gazebo

I wouldn't expect this error message to be causing your models not to load, because Gazebo 9 primarily relies on gazebo_models. There could be several other reasons for the models not loading.