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I don't think ros hydro can be installed on ubuntu versions newer than 13.04. If you want to use the newest ubuntu version you have to use indigo which is not officialy released yet but prerelease version are already available.

If you don't plan to change the gazebo source code I would recommend to install gazebo via apt. ROS Hydro comes with gazebo 1.9/indigo with 2.2.

I'm not sure if gazebo 1.9 can be compiled with ubuntu 14.04(I have not tried it) but you may have problems with

newer gcc version; newer ogre version; newer ...

so my recommendation is use ubuntu 12.04 with hydro and gazebo 1.9 (or a newer gazebo version available as ros-hydro-<gazebo-pkg>-current via the osrf repos)

or use ubuntu 14.04 with indigo(which should have an official release very soon[it was scheduled for may ;) ]) and gazebo 2.2

If you still want to try compiling it all from source:

Your errors seem to be caused by boost libs that are not installed or maybe again to new... ;)

Good luck