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Here's some insight into our dev process:

1) We decide on a set of features and functionality for a new release, and internally choose a deadline.

2) Develop, debug, test, write documentation, etc.

3) Feature freeze a release branch, which means no new features may be added.

4) About a week later we code freeze, which means only critical bug fixes may be added.

5) About a week later we release Gazebo with both source and debian packages.

When the next release of ROS rolls around, a version of Gazebo is selected and included in ROS. This version of Gazebo is not the newest, nor the most heavily tested with ROS. We have likely already moved onto a new version of Gazebo and fixed a slew of bugs.

In the near future ROS will not pull in a version Gazebo. Instead it will use the default system install. Until this happens, the situation is slightly ugly.

Cutting to the chase...I would stick with a version of Gazebo that works for you.