How to specify a Gazebo UNIVERSAL joint in URDF?

asked 2016-07-18 03:56:38 -0500

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I am using Gazebo 7 and I want to use the Cart model with front steering available in Gazebo also with RViz.That is why I am trying to make a URDF version of it. The front wheels of the cart are connected to the chassis with the use of UNIVERSAL joints that rotate in 2 the y and z axes. However there is no UNIVERSAL joint type in URDF. Which joint type of URDF is the equivalent and do you konow of any examples/tutorials that use it?

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Have you got any solution with this problem? I have stucked with the same problem

RYO gravatar imageRYO ( 2016-11-19 04:38:25 -0500 )edit