Can gazebo contact sensor messages indicate more than one collision?

asked 2016-11-24 23:54:15 -0600

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I have a gripper attached to a manipulator and a box object which I want to grasp with it. By attaching a contact sensor on the box object's link, I want to find out which links of the gripper comes in contact with the box. However, on publishing the gz topic from the contact sensor, I am getting the name of any one link of the gripper, even though other links are also clearly in contact with the box. Is this how the gazebo contact sensor works? i.e. does it detect at most one contact? If so, then what is the workaround to accomplish my objective? An obvious way is to place the contact sensors on each finger links of the gripper instead of on the box, but then it would be quite cumbersome as I would have to read data from many topics instead of just one. Is it possible to get all the contact information using just one topic? Please resolve this doubt. Thanks.

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