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Confused with AddLinkForce

asked 2017-08-09 19:30:10 -0500

radarsat1 gravatar image

In Link.hh, there are several "add force" functions, but they all make sense to me save AddLinkForce. It appears to take a force vector and a position, but how is it different from AddForceAtRelativePosition? The documentation uses the terminology "body's own frame of reference", and "the link frame", but I am not sure how these differ.

By the way, second related question, for AddForceAtRelativePosition, I assume that both the force and position vectors are considered relative, while AddForceAtWorldPosition, both the force and position vectors are considered in the world frame. Is this correct?

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-08-10 10:48:08 -0500

radarsat1 gravatar image

After some more experimentation I think I understand the following interpretation:

  • AddForce, force vector expressed in world frame
  • AddForceAtWorldPosition, force vector and position expressed in world frame
  • AddForceAtRelativePosition, force vector expressed in world frame, position expressed in relative link frame
  • AddLinkForce, force vector and "offset" (position) both expressed link relative link frame

Is this correct?

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