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transmission towers in Gazebo

asked 2019-02-12 09:15:26 -0500

Ra gravatar image

Hi, I need to insert a model for transmission towers in Gazebo included the electromagnetic interference of transmission lines.

How can I make a model for transmission towers and lines in Gazebo? I can also use Matlab if it is required.

I hope that I can get help here.

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-02-18 09:37:47 -0500

wentz gravatar image

The first part of your question "electromagnetic interference of transmission lines" can not be done, because Gazebo is not that kind of engine to simulate electromagnetic fields. There are some forum posts that refer to magnetic sensors:

http://answers.gazebosim.org/question... https://answers.ros.org/question/1254...

But they may not be what you are looking for.

To make a new model, with textures and all you can find answers here:

http://gazebosim.org/tutorials?tut=bu... http://gazebosim.org/tutorials?tut=co...

You can use collada files in sdf models. Take a look in the gazebo model database. Most of the models use collada mesh files.

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