Not sure how to work with the contact sensor.

asked 2019-10-04 15:44:47 -0500

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Hello, New to gazebo.

I am trying to add a sensor to a link and get force values. I am using a urdf. I tried the tutorial for the force torque sensor on gazebo but it didn't work. I tried the contact sensor. IT shows up in the rostopic list. However, does not show any information.

The gazebo code is here:

<gazebo reference="${name}_finger_33_sensor">
        <sensor type="contact" name="contact_sensor">
                        <plugin name="contact_plugin" filename=""> 

I can see contact_sensor when I enter rostopic list in the terminal.This is what I get when i use rostopic echo image description

Thanks for the help in advance. If you also know how to import the data to use it in python kindly let me know.

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