Please help : my robot is only partially loaded (appears in "Models", but no display !)

asked 2020-01-17 09:57:31 -0600

JSn54 gravatar image

Hi every one,

I'm trying to create a model to simulate the ABB IRB 2600 with ROS (kinetic) / gazebo (7.0.0). The 2 packages created can be downloaded here :

When I run gazebo, logs show no error :

[abb_irb2600_spawn-4] process has finished cleanly

Yet only the name of the robot appears in the world tab, no link is displayed (no orange arrow), and the view tab is empty.image description Would you please help me understand what is wrong ?

Thanks in advance :)

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I'm getting errors when trying to launch irb2600_gazebo.launch using Melodic on Ubuntu Bionic (gazebo9). Could you edit the question and add the command to reproduce the error please?

Jose Luis Rivero gravatar imageJose Luis Rivero ( 2020-01-23 09:06:22 -0600 )edit

what happens if you open context menu on your model in the list and click 'Move to'?

kumpakri gravatar imagekumpakri ( 2020-01-30 05:55:35 -0600 )edit