Gazebo - IIWA 14 effort_controllers/JointPositionController or JointVelocityController or JointEffortController and J2 ( second joint) doesn't have enough force to move it

asked 2020-02-01 04:09:50 -0600

The solution is increase the value of the safety_controller_k_vel parameter in the file "iiwa14.xacro", which is the model that i am using, and it started to work properly. I haven't got time to see what to do this parameter so it isn't good adjust. I wrote 2.8 (line 14 in my iiwa14.xacro file)instead of 2, that was the default value.

If could anyone help to know how to configure safety_controller_k_vel parameter i will really aprecciate it.

You should use "your_model_robot_xacro_file.xacro".

ATTENTION: The next file is .xacro not .cpp but gazebo forum didn't let me upload in .xacro format.


Next, I explain in detail my failure.

I'm using in gazebo the iiwa 14 robot from Salvatore Virga stack:

I want to command the robot by effort and to measure the efforts from each joint so i change the default Hardware Interface " PositionJointInterface " for " EffortJointInterface "


The problem is that the joint 2 hasn't got force enough to move the robot and it went down to the floor. Firstly i believed that it was a pid problem by a bad setting of proportional, derivative and integral values. After i tested high and small pid values the failure continue so i was looking for in the differents files about limitation in the effort.


But i discovered that the limitation wasn't in the effort if not in the velocity ( safety_controller_k_vel) because i used higher values for:


And the robot continued without it can't move its joint 2. But increasing the safety_controller_k_vel, it is fix.

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