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Gazebo crashes when opening some example models

asked 2012-10-07 08:24:49 -0600

marcomurk gravatar image

updated 2012-10-30 04:59:29 -0600

Hi all! I'm new to Gazebo and I'm running version 1.0.1 (after compiling from tarball) on a 64-bit Debian Wheezy standard installation.

I'm able to launch successfully Gazebo and do some simulations; however, when I try to open some example models bundled with the program, Gazebo crashes. Here follows an example.

When I try to open "cube_20k.model" I get the following output:

Msg Connected to gazebo master @ http://localhost:11345
Error [RenderEngine.cc:356] Unable to load Ogre Plugin[/usr/lib/OGRE/Plugin_CgProgramManager.so]...Skipping.
Error [Param.hh:227] Unable to set value [1,04719758] for key[angle]
Error [Param.hh:227] Unable to set value [0,100000001] for key[near]
Error [Param.hh:227] Unable to set value [0,899999976] for key[constant]
Error [Param.hh:227] Unable to set value [0,00999999978] for key[linear]
Error [parser.cc:548] XML Element[surface], child of element[visual] not defined in SDF. Ignoring.[visual]
Error [parser.cc:539] Error reading element
Error [parser.cc:539] Error reading element
Error [parser.cc:539] Error reading element
Error [parser.cc:322] Unable to parse sdf element[gazebo]
Warning [parser.cc:241] parser for sdf version 1.0 failed, trying to parse as old deprecated format
Warning [parser.cc:247] parsing using deprecated world file failed trying old model format.
Error [parser.cc:253] parse as old deprecated model file failed.
Dbg Unable to find element with name[model] return empty
Segmentation Fault

I get a similar behavior with many other model files, included the one used as example in the Wiki: http://gazebosim.org/wiki/Gazebo_models .

Moreover, strangely some much more complex models like "pr2.model" or "kitchen.model" load and simulate successfully.

What is my error?

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1 Answer

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answered 2012-10-30 11:36:51 -0600

nkoenig gravatar image


I highly recommend upgrading to Gazebo 1.2.5. It is infinitely more stable. The install process is also simplified, and will make upgrading much easier in the future.


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