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Trouble With The Animated Model (Actor) Tutorial

Hi all, I'm relatively new to Gazebo, but have worked some of the tutorials and have a basic understanding of the software.

I'm trying to work through the "Make An Animated Model (Actor)" tutorial and am having some trouble.

I'm running Gazebo 7 on Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS). I'm trying to replicate the animated box moving through waypoints like the tutorial demonstrates, but it's not working for me. I'm following the steps exactly as listed in the tutorial, but when I load the "animated_box.world" into Gazebo all I get is a world with nothing in it. There is a ground plane model and light, but no box.

I have saved the animated_box.world file from bitbucket into a "worlds" directory on my system (/home/gazebo_7/worlds). If I then go to a terminal and enter "gazebo ~/gazebo_7/worlds/animated_box.world", Gazebo will load with a ground plane and light.

What am I missing? Are there implied steps in the tutorial that I am missing (not seeing)? Should there be a box model in a model directory that the world file is looking for? I don't see an "INCLUDE URI model:// tag anywhere. Should there be one?

I'm wondering if the tutorial is from an older version of Gazebo since the text says "Let's take a look at a simple example world which comes with Gazebo:". There is no "animated_box.world" on my system in "/usr/share/gazebo_7" (or anywhere else except what I have downloaded from bitbucket).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! It can't be that hard, but obviously I'm missing something.