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bumper sensor topic not available


I've added a bumper sensor to husky by adding the following code snippet to 'husky.urdf.xacro'. Now, when I spawn the robot, I can see the front bumper turning orange (which means that the contact sensor has been detected). However, I cannot see the desired topic being published in my topics list. Any idea why would this happen ?

Config: Ubuntu 14.04, ROS - Indigo, Gazebo - 2.2

 <gazebo reference="front_bumper">
  <sensor name="front_bumper_contact" type="contact">
      <!-- When using ROS Indigo and Gazebo 2.2.3, the name specified here
           must be <link name>_collision. -->
    <plugin filename="libgazebo_ros_bumper.so" name="front_bumper_gazebo_ros_bumper_controller">