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Gazebo camera: render only some objects

Hi guys,

I've read this post about modifying a visual's visibility flags to render it in the GUI but not in a camera sensor:

Make gazebo camera ignore certain objects

As suggested, my plugin sets all visuals' visibility flags to GZ_VISIBILITY_GUI, except for some whitelisted ones I want to render (visible = true;) Example line:

node->SetVisibilityFlags(visible ? 0xffffffff : GZ_VISIBILITY_GUI);

If I add a gazebo camera to my world, the in-simulation preview image does exactly the right thing: only the vehicle is visible. However, the published image contains all models (see screenshot). I want it to look like the camera image in the gazebo GUI where only the vehicle is rendered.

image description

What am I doing wrong? Are there some camera options, or do I have to set different flags?

Best regards!