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How to set a model to be static by command?

I am using gazebo2 with fetch robot under ubuntu 14.04 with ros-indigo. After I launch the gazebo world, the robot is not static. I would like to set the robot to be static later by using the command line or publishing msg to a certain topic.

Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you very much!

I already checked the

Services: State and property setters

~/set_link_properties : gazebo_msgs/SetLinkProperties

~/set_physics_properties : gazebo_msgs/SetPhysicsProperties

~/set_model_state : gazebo_msgs/SetModelState

~/set_model_configuration : gazebo_msgs/SetModelConfiguration

~/set_joint_properties : gazebo_msgs/SetJointProperties`

~/set_link_state : gazebo_msgs/SetLinkState

~/set_link_state : gazebo_msgs/LinkState

~/set_model_state : gazebo_msgs/ModelState

I didn't find the solution.