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How to save PNG format or Uncompressed image from Camera


I would like to save a PNG image or Uncompressed image from camera using the xml file (for example) :

<sensor name="camera_animated" type="camera"> <camera name="__default__"> <save enabled="1"> <path>/home/images/</path<>> </save> <horizontal_fov>1.0472</horizontal_fov> <image> <width>1920</width> <height>1080</height> <format></format> </image> <clip> <near>0.1</near> <far>100</far> </clip> </camera> <always_on>1</always_on> <update_rate>30</update_rate> <visualize>1</visualize> </sensor>

By default, the camera sensor save jpeg format.

Can you help me please for specify the image format from xml file ?

Thanks you very much,