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When trying to set_velocity_plugin I get make error: class gazebo::physics::World’ has no member named ‘GetPhysicsEngine’

I am using Gazebo v 9.4.1. I wish to use the set_velocity_plugin as described in the tutorial, the error that I get is

error: ‘class gazebo::physics::World’ has no member named ‘GetPhysicsEngine’; did you mean ‘SetPhysicsEnabled’? physics::PhysicsEnginePtr engine = world->GetPhysicsEngine();

as the method GetPhysicsEngine isnt there in the upated Api (Link Here). I have found the function available in API 1.3.0 (Link Here).

So, do we need to update the plugin according to the new API version? Is there any plugin similar to Set_Velocity_Plugin compatible with the latest Gazebo version? Thanks.