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slip1, slip2 in URDF

Hi all,

I'm working on URDF model of skid steering robot (Pioneer 3AT). There is new plugin for controlling this type of robot (see gazebo_plugins package) so, I can command robot from ROS and it moves. But I have problems with rotational movements - robot can't rotate. If I define wheels (collision geometry) as very thin cylinders and apply high torque it "somehow" rotates... If collision geometry is defined using mesh it's better but, robot jumps a bit.

The question is - how can I set slip1/slip2 (as setting this is recommended here) using URDF? As far as I know, URDF is translated into SDF so, I guess, it should be somehow possible. Thanks for hints in advance.

I'm using Gazebo 1.8 and gazebo_ros_pkgs for ROS integration.