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2013-07-06 10:23:27 -0600 answered a question atlas does not react in gazebo

Try using AtlasCommand message instead. I had the same problem when the controller was updated. Plus you should check this tutorial http://gazebosim.org/wiki/Tutorials/drcsim/2.6/atlassiminterface because the Atlas needs to be in user mode to be controlled.

Hope it helps,

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2013-01-14 14:18:32 -0600 answered a question Error when using SetAngle

I found out... Never mind.

I was using the same pointer name for two different joints without realizing.

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2013-01-14 13:11:14 -0600 asked a question Error when using SetAngle

This is the error I get:

T* boost::shared_ptr<t>::operator->() const [with T = gazebo::physics::Joint]: Assertion `px != 0' failed.

Can anybody tell me what it means?

2013-01-12 07:01:24 -0600 answered a question drcsim-1.3 viz error

This is the roslaunch script, thanks for the help.


<arg name="gzname" default="gazebo"/>

<include file="$(find atlas_utils)/launch/atlas_no_controllers.launch"> <arg name="gzname" value="$(arg gzname)"/> </include>

<include file="$(find pr2_controller_manager)/controller_manager.launch"/>

<node pkg="rostopic" type="rostopic" name="fake_joint_calibration" args="pub /calibrated std_msgs/Bool true"/>

<node pkg="tf2_ros" type="buffer_server" name="tf2_buffer_server" output="screen"> </node>

<rosparam file="$(find atlas)/ros/position_controllers.yaml" command="load"/>

<node name="atlas_controllers_spawner" pkg="pr2_controller_manager" type="spawner" output="screen" args="--wait-for=/calibrated l_arm_elx_position_controller r_arm_elx_position_controller l_arm_ely_position_controller r_arm_ely_position_controller l_arm_mwx_position_controller r_arm_mwx_position_controller l_arm_shx_position_controller r_arm_shx_position_controller l_arm_usy_position_controller r_arm_usy_position_controller l_arm_uwy_position_controller r_arm_uwy_position_controller l_leg_kny_position_controller r_leg_kny_position_controller l_leg_lax_position_controller r_leg_lax_position_controller l_leg_lhy_position_controller r_leg_lhy_position_controller l_leg_mhx_position_controller r_leg_mhx_position_controller l_leg_uay_position_controller r_leg_uay_position_controller l_leg_uhz_position_controller r_leg_uhz_position_controller neck_ay_position_controller back_lbz_position_controller back_mby_position_controller back_ubx_position_controller"/> </launch>

2013-01-12 05:30:59 -0600 commented answer drcsim-1.3 viz error

Thank you this solved the issue about the IMU

2013-01-08 12:47:06 -0600 asked a question drcsim-1.3 viz error

When following the tutorial Visualize and Log Sensor Data from drcsim-1.3 there is an error on viz that says No transform from imu link to pelvis. Plus the robot loads with no hands when running

roslaunch atlas_utils atlas_position_controllers.launch