Runing ROS nodes that use ign transport on a remote machine (distributed sim)

asked 2022-08-30 14:24:06 -0600

robotsrfuhn gravatar image

I am currently setting up a distributed simulation where one computer is the main Gazebo Ignition Server and other machines are each a robot that subscribe to ROS topics from the ign-ros bridge. One node in particular uses the logical cam, which is not ros bridgeable, and use ign transport inside the node. Works great on a local machine. However, on a remote machine, the ign transport code can connect to the remote gazebo ignition instance and the node wont work. Is there a way to

  • setup the remote machine to see the gazebo server, similar to the way we setup a single ROS master on multiple machines.

  • setup the code in the ros node to look at a remote server?

  • a better way than either of those?

Using gazebo 11 and ros noetic, ubuntu 20.04

Thanks in advance

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