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After a fix is merged in gazebo bitbucket repository, supposing that you are using Ubuntu, it will be released depending on the target branch where the fix was merged:

  • In default branch: the change will be released in the next major version of gazebo. You can check the schedule in gazebosim site. Meantime, you can use our nightly releases (with caution).

  • In a gazeboX branch: if the patch was merged in a gazeboX (being X a number representing a major version of gazebo), the the change can be released at any time by doing a new minor/patch version. For example: a change merged in gazebo6 branch will be released in the next gazebo-6.X.Y. Feel free to request a release (using gazebo issues) if you need a pending change.

For any other cases (not using Ubuntu, can not wait for a minor bump, etc). you can always use the build from source procedure