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I ripped this right from the source...

// Check the command limits
if (!ignition::math::equal(this->cmdMax, 0.0) && this->cmd > this->cmdMax)
    this->cmd = this->cmdMax;
if (!ignition::math::equal(this->cmdMin, 0.0) && this->cmd < this->cmdMin)
this->cmd = this->cmdMin;

return this->cmd;

Looks to me like you can't have a min of zero. It has to be something other than zero to be a min. This is definitely a bug, and should be addressed. For now, you could just set it to a small number like 0.001 and see if that works.

I can't immediately see why it's not respecting the 200 limit however. How much greater are we talking about? Can you add a smallest-possible-reproducible example?