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Not sure it will work for Fuerte, but in Groovy there is a bunch of plugins which work both in Gazebo 1.3 (groovy's version) and 1.4.

So, what I did so far is:

  1. Install standalone Gazebo 1.4.
  2. Adjust GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH to point to pr2_simulator/pr2_gazebo_plugins/lib, simulator_gazebo/gazebo/lib and simulator_gazebo/gazebo_plugins/lib in Groovy stacks dir.
  3. Add <plugin> entry to model/world SDF.
  4. Add -s command-line parameter to load system plugins such as gazebo_ros_api_plugin.
  5. Spawn a robot_mechanism_controllers controller with pr2_controller_manager.

With this setup I can run robot_mechanism_controllers/CartesianWrenchController, for example.

Hope it helps.