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What feature do you need that's only in the dev branch? The fancy sky? ;) I just tried compiling the dev branch on my laptop which apparently had the same package missing as you I guess. I installed ros-fuerte-urdfdom which installed the missing headers. This package depends on ros-fuerte-console-bridge which in turn doesn't depend on any ros packages though so it should be possible to install ros-fuerte-urdfdom without installing ROS. There is also a package called ros-fuerte-urdfdom-headers which only depends on boost but installing just this package did not install the required headers (which is kinda odd given that the package's description is "Header files for core data structures used by URDF parsers").

Btw I'd recommend using John's branch over dev, it's usually more active than dev. ... Actually I'd recommend using none of them and wait for a new official version which should hopefully be released end of next month (at least that's what I'm hoping for ...).