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Hi Kaldo, I'm also using the "" plugin on my model, but my model is in URDF format (I would not think that it matters). I initially had problems getting my laser to work but somewhere I found an answer from someone (I don't remember who answered or where I found it).

Here is what I have in my URDF file:

<gazebo reference="base_link">
  <sensor type ="gpu_ray" name="hoyuko">
    <pose>0.19391 0.00126 0.28877 0 0 0</pose>
    <plugin name="gpu_laser" filename="">

In your file try changing <plugin name="laser_plugin" filename="" /> to <plugin name="gpu_laser" filename="">.

I tried several different combinations before mine worked, but I think it was this change that actually did the trick. Give it a try and see what happens. Hopefully it will work for you.