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vibrating due to error in calculating for gravity compensation.

See more details here:

vibrating vibrations are possibly due to an error in calculating for the calculations of gravity compensation.compensation within gazebo.

See more details here: of Ian McMahon from RethinkRobotics:

*The caveat when working with the simulator is that it will never perform exactly the same as the real robot. That said, you have indeed encountered a bug with how gravity_compensation_torques are being calculated: one of the KDL::JntArray vectors being used to calculate the gravity torques is being used uninitialized. The uninitialized values cause the calculated simulated gravity torque to vary a fair amount, which causes jitter. I have a fix for this that has not been yet merged into master, but I will hotfix the simulator shortly:

I will update this topic with details once merged into master. In the mean time, if you like living life on the bleeding edge, free to checkout the kinematics_gravity_torques branch on github:

$ roscd sawyer_gazebo && git fetch origin && git checkout kinematics_gravity_torques $ roscd sawyer_robot && git fetch origin && git checkout gravity_inertia $ catkin build*