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1) Should I increase the mu1,mu2 to achieve that?

Sure, try setting mu1, mu2 to 0.1-1 respectively (0.005 is really small)

2) My plate should have the same mu1 and mu2 right?

Not necessarily - but for this specific example it probably wouldn't hurt.

Generally I try to set friction properties from a table (like this: and then tune (maybe a lot) as needed to obtain desired behavior.

3) Is fdir1 = 0 0 0 correct?

I don't think so.

fdir1 should be a 3-tuple specifying direction of mu1 in the collision local reference frame.

Better to leave it blank and just accept the Gazebo default.

4) Can I set physics parameters during the gazebo simulation (like the mu1, mu2 parameters)

Yes, I think so. These linksmay be a good start:

5) I tried to set the mu1 and mu2 high(100) and also the maxContacts to 100 but still the ball is sliding on the plate and not holding still..... -> maybe I need more weight?

I recommend adding a small minDepth value, e.g. 0.001-0.005. It's possible that the "sliding" you are observing is just the ball bouncing up and down - losing contact every time. Maybe try reducing maxVel a bit too.

For example:

<gazebo reference="ball_link">