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If it helps, I would like to add some diagnosis. When there exist more than one roads loaded through the world file, camera does not show the roads except the first one. Meaningly, if you have a word file like below:

<road name="road_1">

 <model name="some_model">...</model>
<road name="road_n">

road_1 and any model following it will be successfully viewed in the camera. But any other road below road_1 isn't shown. I don't know the sensor dynamics of Gazebo, but if it uses SDF (I had to experiment with SDF for a road follower actor and observed that it is very buggy and has the oddest XML parsing approach as to my knowledge) to parse some data for camera output, that might be the issue.

EDIT: After wandering around the forum, I found this. Most probably, there is an unconsidered trigger that changes some visibility flag to GZ_VISIBILITY_GUI, which causes a visual to be drawn in GUI but not in a camera sensor as clearly stated by @nkoenig.