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Gazebo does not allow for much of the modelling, I believe. It is good for prototyping. Like if you are testing a new lidar and you just need some obstacles inside your world so you can see them in the lidar reading, you can just pop some boxes inside the world and be done with it.

You can quickly build some ugly robot just to see what setting of the joints works for you or to get an inspiration for your robot description. You can build the links and set the joints as you need and then take the code of the model and finish it up either in SDF or URDF format.

For anything more you want to make models in some modelling software and import the models inside Gazebo. The ground, trees, furniture -- all of those you make in a modelling software. Or for robot you model the parts of the robot in Blender or so and then use those models as a mesh for the robot links. Blender is the only one I have any experience with, so I cannot recommend any other. And I really like Blender.