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Hello Felix,

I hate to reinitiate this discussion as I am 7 years late to the part. Nevertheless, this problem still seems persistent and is my primary limiting factor at the moment. In contrast to some of the suggestions above, I have found that using a effortControllers/JointVelocityController does not fix this issue. The behavior is the same in both cases for me.

I see that the pull requests listed by SCPeters are no longer accessible. My assumption is that whatever they were initially opened for was completed, so the requests have been deleted. Either way, the problem has not been fixed. I have a lengthy explanation of my specific case here:

The main things that are limiting for me is that I get motion simply by turning the controllers on, without sending a command. I have found that changing my PID values for the joint impact this startup motion, but I certainly would not say I can "tune" my control because the system is clearly incredibly messy. I have settled on leaving < limit effort=2000 velocity=3.6> again, in line with a physical robot. I will be posting a spread sheet of what behavior I get by varying PID values on my question listed above later today. In the meantime, if you, or anyone, happens to see my comment and is knowledgeable about the direction I should move in, that would be appreciated.