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Found a way to import a model from other model.

There was a lot of errors that prevented it from import other file.

First of all, in blanket.sdf

  1. It had <pose relative_to='world'> in the sdf file when there is no world model in it.
  2. I removed <world> since blanket.sdf is designed to be a model only without anything else.
  3. I learned that you need to set SDF_PATH and IGN_FILE_PATH. It's explained in here

As for the blanket_in_the_world.sdf, you need to give it a right path. So here is what I did:


Just like that. I did this in Fortress only.

Feel free to ask me to clarify. I'm more than happy to clarify for you in future. (even if this is closed or marked as answer)