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I legit had no idea this exists! I have no idea how this works. I gotta test it ASAP! Thanks for the link!

Anyway I use python to load robot by using import os

So, I use like this

first_part = "ign service -s /world/free_world/create --reqtype ignition.msgs.EntityFactory --reptype ignition.msgs.Boolean --timeout 300 --req 'sdf_filename:'\'\""
second_part = model_name + ".sdf\" pose: {position: { x: 0.05, y"
third_part = ": " + y + ", z: " + z + "}}\' &"
add_model = first_part + second_part + third_part

In another word, I used command line exact as this:

ign service -s /world/free_world/create --reqtype ignition.msgs.EntityFactory --reptype ignition.msgs.Boolean --timeout 300 --req 'sdf_filename:''"models/sdf/freenove_smart_car.sdf" pose: {position: { x: 0.05, y: 4.12, z: 0.325}}' &

Which would work in your command line as long as you change the free_world to your world's name and files location/name.

Basically, I use command line within python to get all data or controls from Gazebo.

Not sure how much this fits your needs.


I never had any luck on this one, but you can try this one. This is still under heavy development, I think.

I know this is not the answer but I hope this suggestion helps.