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I think I misunderstood your problem. This is more a ROS problem than a gazebo one...

There is no Programm called rospy. rospy is a rospackage containing other scripts and libraries... On groovy there is an alias rospython(I don't know if it is there on fuerte too...) which calls a python shell with roslibs loaded...

if it is really not installed the package ros-fuerte-ros-comm holds the rospy package. The drcs package should install this as a dependency so this shouldn't be a Problem.

Ros Python Scripts should simply be located in a scripts folder inside your rospackage. After you created the script you can execute it with the command

rosrun <package> <script_name>

I hope this helps you. if you want to now more about howto build/run ROS-Script you should have a look at some ros tutorials in the ROS wiki... (for example python ros subscriber) You probably want to look at rosbuild not catkin builds... (in some tutorials this can be switched at the top of the tutorials)

I hope this helps you... otherwise you should look into the ros forums...