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This is a serious answer. With gazebo_ros_pkgs I believe the only way to fully shutdown Gazebo is to Ctrl-C on the command line, closing the Gazebo GUI will not end gzserver.

Although we've worked hard to prevent Gazebo from hanging during shutdown when used with ROS, it does appear there are still some gazbeo-ROS plugins that can occasionally hang. There is still an inconsistency in the way different plugins initialize ROS nodes, node handles, and do message passing that needs to be sorted out - we welcome any bug fixes you have!

Until then, on occasion when gzserver does not properly shutdown with ROS, I have this nice little alias in my .bashrc:

alias killgazebo="killall -9 gazebo & killall -9 gzserver  & killall -9 gzclient"

Thx for your question.