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The drift problem went away after I fixed one of the inertia terms.

The drift problem was predominately in joint 5, which joins link 4 (parent) and link 5 (child) together. The Inertia terms in link 5 onwards were correct and the error was actually in link 4 (which is closer to the base). The link elements have a rather square boxy weight distribution, but my Izz component was about 100 times less than my Ixx and Iyy. I think this must have been a typo. Suffice to say, when the inertia was bought up to be around Ixx and Iyy, the drift problem went away and all my actuator modelling worked as it should have.

I still don't understand why inertia in a parent link should affect a child joint, but it seems it does.

So if you are having issues with drift I suggest re-examine your inertias including those you don't think will have an effect.