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Got it. The answer is that the SDF argument is not a location to an SDF file -- it's the whole content of the SDF file.

To access this in rospy, you can do this:

import rospy
from gazebo_msgs.srv import SpawnModel
from geometry_msgs.msg import Pose


initial_pose = Pose()
initial_pose.position.x = 1
initial_pose.position.y = 1
initial_pose.position.z = 1

f = open('/home/benb/Dropbox/RoboticsResearch/WAMInProgress/tp/AllInOne/Trajectory_Phonebook/ros_stuff/src/iiim_wam_description/wam.sdf','r')
sdff =

spawn_model_prox = rospy.ServiceProxy('gazebo/spawn_sdf_model', SpawnModel)
spawn_model_prox("some_robo_name", sdff, "robotos_name_space", initial_pose, "world")