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Sorry I haven't had a chance to test your models. I will comment on the behavior of Joint::SetVelocity as I'm one of the system integrators for Gazebo physics. I'm not sure it will be enough for the chocolate bar, however.

This is actually very timely, since I just submitted a pull request to change the way that Joint::SetVelocity works. In ODE, a torque-limited speed constraint is used with SetVelocity and SetMaxForce. In the other physics engines, however, SetVelocity is akin to resetting the initial conditions. It also behaves differently for long chains in the maximal coordinate solvers (ODE, Bullet) and minimal coordinate solvers (Simbody, DART). For ODE and Bullet (as of pull request 1218), SetVelocity will set the velocity of a single child link relative to the parent link, while the minimal coordinate solvers will set the velocity of all subsequent child links down the rest of the chain. I'm going to create an issue to document this difference until I have a chance to fix it.