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Looking at only one aspect of a site, in this case Top Upvotes, will not give you a complete picture of the Gazebo community. There are around 1000 users on, let's be generous and say 50% of them are inactive/spam/etc. A group of 500 people with over 1,500 questions is not trivial.

I'm also looking at the questions that get asked, the frequency at which they are asked (around 10 on an average day), and who is answering the questions. In terms of karma and voting. As of this writing, 335 people can up vote. I've lowered the up vote limit to 1.

Merging with is not appropriate because Gazebo is a standalone application. Gazebo predates ROS by about 5 years, and has an active community that does not use ROS. A dedicated site for Gazebo also creates a centralized place for simulation questions.