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you can also play around with the <cfm> and <erp> values for the contact joints. You could try for soft bodies cfm=erp=~1 and kp,kd < 1. I am not sure it will work.

Also take a look at the mud world try running it to see different contact types with the mud objects. This loads the world with the MudPlugin plugin with different parameters for thin mud stiffness = 0.0 and damping = 1.0 for thick stiffness = 0.0 and damping = 10.0.

Here are the stiffness and damping parameters used to compute in the plugin the erp and cfm. However no kp or kd.

Hope this helps, and please update the answer if you manage to figure out how the values are related and what are the actual outcomes.

Cheers, Andrei