Perfomance of gazebo 2 with 5000 Links

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I am using gazebo 2 (with ROS Indigo) to simulate a warehouse. I have created a model with several thousand links that have a box as visual and collision object. If I select the model, it is loaded and shown in the gazebo gui where I can move it around smoothly. But as soon as I click to really add it to my scene, only maybe five objects are drawn and gazebo freezes. Is at first the object rendered only on the client with OpenGL and the after adding it to the world also on the server which is slower?

I have no problems to load the Willow Garage Model which has at least a similar complexity. I've seen that it internally uses a dae-mesh. Is using meshes recommended for larger scenes? And is there some rule of thumb how many objects can be simulated using links? Creating meshes looks more involved than creating links with boxes so I'd prefer to keep with the simpler version if there is a way to get in simulated.

Update: I also tried to open the model with just one link and 1000 visual and collision tags. Now the model was simulated after gazebo froze for about 30secs.

How should I deal with large scenes?

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