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Deformable object using Bullet or Simbody

asked 2015-11-23 02:39:28 -0600

ROS_GAZEBO_USER gravatar image

Does somebody know which parameters should I write in the sdf file (or in general, what should I do) in order to simulate a deformable object in Gazebo? I've already been able to make a rigid simulation using Ode, Bullet or Simbody physics engines (I don't know which physics engine is better for deformable objects), but I still don't know how to, for example, tell gazebo the stiffness of a link.

Thank you

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-01-25 09:32:04 -0600

nkoenig gravatar image

Gazebo can't simulate deformable objects. The most we can do is add some softness to a surface.

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