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Difference in plugin tutorials: no header file vs yes header file

asked 2016-01-13 19:15:02 -0500

raequin gravatar image

Noob here! I've read through the plugin tutorials, for example

and also the sensors tutorials, and noticed an apparent difference between how plugins are handled. In the model plugin tutorial above there's no mention of a header file for the plugin but in the contact sensor tutorial

there is a plugin shown and it includes a header file. Can you tell me the reason for the difference?

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answered 2016-01-15 01:14:32 -0500

If you're familiar with C++, you'll understand that in some cases header files aren't necessary. When you're writing single-file programs, like most gazebo plugins are, then you'll rarely need a header file. Header files just help organize and share code, but they aren't always required.

This is a simple example of "well we could write a header file, or we could be lazy and just not". You certainly don't need one for the sensor tutorial, but we thought it wasn't too much extra work. Plus, it's always good practice to write header files, in case your project grows and you want more code. Then it will be helpful, or even required, to have a header file.

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Oh, yeah. I remember that! I don't do much programming. Thanks.

raequin gravatar imageraequin ( 2016-01-15 11:33:05 -0500 )edit

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