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Laser plug-in publishes abnormal scanning results

asked 2016-01-20 05:33:58 -0500

KishoreKumar P gravatar image

I followed this tutorial and added the hokuyo laser plugin to my URDF. When in launched the model in gazebo and tried to visualize it in Rviz i got some strange results as shown below. The following result is constant, irrespective of robot pose, robot movement and obstacles.

image description

When I replaced the gpu_ray scanner with ray scanner as given in the tutorial, the result seems to be fine except the laser ray is pointed towards right side of the robot (Ref image below).

image description

I want to use Gpu_ray laser in my robot model for map building to simulate the navigation stack, can someone guide me to fix this issue.

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-01-22 01:38:56 -0500

Brosseau.F gravatar image

updated 2016-01-22 01:41:08 -0500

Have you tried to modify the pose of your ray laser with a pose tag ?

For example (laser_top is the link attached to my sensor):

<gazebo reference="laser_top">
    <sensor type="gpu_ray" name="laser_top_sensor">
      <pose>0 0 0.0434 0 0 0</pose>
      <plugin name="gazebo_ros_head_hokuyo_controller" filename="">
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