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how to use gazebo to make px4 simulation?

asked 2016-03-09 08:27:51 -0600

MIchael9792 gravatar image

Hi, everyone. I'm really a newbie in learning gazebo and I want to make px4 simulation by gazebo simulator. But I'm quite confused about help documents on official website.

For now, I've installed gazebo6.5 on my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and ROS Indigo. Which part should I begin from? Should I learn How to

Great thanks to everyone!

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-11-10 13:26:19 -0600

Jhsieh gravatar image

Welcome to the bewildering world of gazebo + px4...

The only thing I've found useful is:

If you are starting off, like me, I would just use a straight up installation and stay away from ROS for the time being, if your interests are in vehicle dynamics and the simulation aspect... Save ROS for higher level autonomous navigation and avoidance tasks...

I was able to install and Gazebo 7 and px4 on Ubuntu Studio 16.4 LTS (I used Ubunto Studio becuase I also have a nVidia GTX 1060 that can be finicky w/ straight up Ubuntu 16.4) and build and run the simple sim with:

make posix_sitl_default gazebo

as instructed in The rests is trying to figure out how everything is tied together.

Good luck. J

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