World Plugin, callback function ConnectWorldUpdateBegin is not called

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I think everything is in the title, I made a world plugin using gazebo 7 (on Windows). I'm using the Event ConnectWorldUpdateBegin to send the poses of the links to another program I made (to control the robots in the simulation) but the callback doesn't work.

#include <sdf/sdf.hh>

#include <gazebo/transport/transport.hh>
#include <gazebo/msgs/msgs.hh>
#include <gazebo/gazebo.hh>
#include <gazebo/common/common.hh>
#include <gazebo/physics/physics.hh>

namespace gazebo
    class MyPlugin: public WorldPlugin
        physics::WorldPtr world;

        event::ConnectionPtr updateConnection;
        transport::NodePtr node;

        transport::SubscriberPtr newModel;

        physics::Model_V models;    


        void Load(physics::WorldPtr _parent, sdf::ElementPtr /*_sdf*/);

        Function called at each step. Send the poses and joint value of each joint
        void Update(const common::UpdateInfo &_info);

        virtual void NewModelAdded(ConstModelPtr &_msg);



and the .cc

void MyPlugin::Load(physics::WorldPtr _parent, sdf::ElementPtr /*_sdf*/)
    world = _parent;

    this->updateConnection = event::Events::ConnectWorldUpdateBegin(boost::bind(&MyPlugin::Update, this, _1));

    this->node = transport::NodePtr(new transport::Node());

    //To add future models
    this->newModel = this->node->Subscribe("~/model/info", &MyPlugin::NewModelAdded, this);  

void MyPlugin::Update(const common::UpdateInfo &_info)
    std::cerr << "UPDATE";

I can't use Debug (too hard on Windows) but I'm sure the plugin is loaded as I can print stuff from Load function. But the UPDATE string never appears and the code after is not executed.

I also changed the register by its value:

Here, copy of the define macro GZ_REGISTER_WORLD_PLUGIN because gazebo isn't configure to work with windows (no __declspec(dllexport)) so dlfcn couldn't find the plugin
extern "C"  __declspec(dllexport) gazebo::WorldPlugin *RegisterPlugin();
gazebo::WorldPlugin *RegisterPlugin()
    return new MyPlugin();

Could it be related? The subscriber and publisher works perfectly well from a stand alone server, so it shouldn't. However I guess that the scope is somehow wrong.

Thx for your help!

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Hi, I'm facing the same problem.. Did you solve it? Thanks!

fqez gravatar imagefqez ( 2017-07-05 05:48:54 -0600 )edit

Hi, same problem here. Except, that I'm developing a ModelPlugin instead of a WorldPlugin.

Did anyone figured out how to solve this problem?

Codierknecht gravatar imageCodierknecht ( 2019-12-17 07:04:19 -0600 )edit