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The plugin SkidSteerDrivePlugin did not work on pioneer3at model in gazebo 5

asked 2016-05-16 04:16:54 -0600

Dengqing gravatar image

updated 2016-05-16 22:10:39 -0600

chapulina gravatar image

Hi,all: I added the plugin in pioneer3at model like this:

   <model name='pioneer3at'>
      <plugin name='SkidSteerDrivePlugin' filename=''>

But when I run the gazebo and then publish topic'~/pioneer3at/vel_cmd' using rqt_gui, the pioneer did not move.Also, any possible topic name has been tried. Anyone know why the pioneer did not move?

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answered 2016-05-17 10:48:46 -0600

chapulina gravatar image

Using rqt_gui, you're probably trying to publish to ROS topics, rather than Gazebo topics, which is what your plugin is subscribed to.

You can check the list of Gazebo topics with active publishers/subscribers with gz topic -l, and the list of ROS topics with rostopic list.

You can try writing a Gazebo publisher like this.

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It works! Thanks!

Dengqing gravatar imageDengqing ( 2016-05-18 22:40:59 -0600 )edit
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