Is it useful to log issues for the Windows cmake build scripts

asked 2016-06-05 05:32:45 -0500

azaclauson gravatar image

I've been mucking around with building and installing gazebo on Ubuntu and Windows for the last few weeks. With Windows there are a lot of problems with the cmake build scripts when using the latest gazebo source tree. The instructions at are a bit out of date (missing ign-transport and zeromq which now seem to be required).

I am able to build and run gazebo on Windows but it takes many hours of effort to tweak the scripts and fix the errors in order to do so. I'm interested in making the Windows build a repeatable process and am happy to help, submit patches etc. where I can.

Is it worth logging issues for the cmake scripts on the gazebo bitbucket issue tracker or is the whole Windows build and/or install effort going to change direction in the near future? I did see that a Windows installer is listed as a feature for an upcoming gazebo release.

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