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Installing Gazebo on Windows. Missing Protobuf

asked 2016-07-18 06:37:37 -0500

ngartner gravatar image

I am trying to install gazebo on Windows and I follow this tutorial :

I had no problem while getting the clones from math-ign, sdformat and gazebo. But when I want to build gazebo using VS 12.0 I get an error : Protobuf libraries cannot be found. in (Findprotobuf.cmake)

So I looked inside the configuration file and it seems that the path is correct. It has the correct version (2.6.0).

Does anyone have a solution to make the compiler see protobuf ?

Many thanks in advance !

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-10-12 17:08:57 -0500

peci1 gravatar image

It's an inconsistency in the Protobuf archive provided by OSRF.

This path from instructions


should actually be


So just grab the Release and Debug folder and put them under the newly created x64 subdirectory.

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answered 2016-09-06 15:14:03 -0500

@ngartner, the windows installation link you gave has a not-so-useful "It does not actually work yet.".

Did you want to give it a shot despite that statement? I'm just curious.

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