Objects appear in wrong order when looking through a camera using gazebo_ros 5.3

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Im building an obstacle environment for flying a drone. I surround my area with walls and put objects inside. The problem is that the walls in the back and the ground plane appear in front of the objects when looking through a camera.

I didnt have the problem with gazebo 5.1 so the problem just appeared after updating. Im using ros jade so I have to stick with gazebo 5.x.

I tried different orders, checked to sdk files of the models and everything seems to be normal. It is probably some rendering problem. The shadows of the objects are casted on the ground plane and the walls but the objects itself appear behind it when looking through a camera. I also tried different cameras (openNI kinect and general camera sensor). In the image you can see a wooden box and the wall in the back appears in front of the wooden block.

I hope the next update fixes this. Or is there a known way to solve this problem? Im surprised no one else has this problem with the latest 5.x update. Image description

SDF files: modelaaa.world model.sdf model.sdf model.sdf

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The version of gazebo you can use is not tied to the version of ROS. You can, and should, use gazebo7. Can you post you SDF file?

nkoenig gravatar imagenkoenig ( 2016-07-27 10:00:05 -0500 )edit

on gazebo-ros tutorial they recommend gazebo5.x for Jade version of ROS. I tried installing gazebo7 but after reinstalling (sudo apt-get install) ros-jade-gazebo-ros-pkgs it removes the 7th and installs the 5th version of gazebo.

kke gravatar imagekke ( 2016-07-27 13:38:34 -0500 )edit